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Главная / Экскурсия по Куршской Косе / Excursions to the Curonian Spit

Excursions to the Curonian Spit

 For visitors to Kaliningrad we organize excursions to the Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit is a treasure we are proud of because it is a real jewel of the Kaliningrad region, a visit that leaves an indelible mark in the memory and gives the opportunity to take unique photos for real photographers and amateurs as well.

Kurshakaja Kosa 

The Curonian Spit is a UNESCO world heritage site, home to the great sand dunes. The average height of the sand dunes is about 35 meters, but some are around 60 meters. There is only 1 single road which traverses the Curonian Spit.DunaKosa

Tour of the Curonian Spit is held for small groups of up to 7 people, accompanied by an individual guide. The comfortable 9 seater minibus Volkswagen Crafter with TV, air-conditioned soft sleeper seats, individual tables. You will be within 6 hours to enjoy the fresh pine air, take pictures, watch beautiful places and surprised to find out how amazing energy of the Curonian Spit is able to reduce stress and fatigue.Kabani & bus 2

And while walking along the paths laid in the shade of a pine forest, you will meet with the sea and the Gulf of moving sand dunes, dancing forest.

Kurshakaja Kosa 5 

These small hiking forest trails to the main local attractions - The Dancing Forest, Dune Efa, height Muller, Swan Lake is the most interesting tours of the Curonian Spit. You'll learn why trees are dancing in the dance forest, how many moved dune over the past 50 years, the lake was formed in the sand, and other interesting facts about which more will long remember and tell your friends.

Do not forget during a tour of the Curonian Spit climb in the ring formed by bent trunk of one of the dancing trees and capture the moment on camera. Your friends will leave a lot of comments FACEBOOK to this photo.

Kurshakaja Kosa 3 

If during a tour of the Curonian Spit to stop in towns forest, marine or Rybachy located on the shores of the sea and the bay, you will enchant the smells of smoked fish. Here you will find numerous stalls, local folk art of amber and juniper. Here are the Museum of spit and ornithological station.

Kurshakaja Kosa 4 

Speed on the Curonian Spit is limited, because it is often found in the way the local animals; foxes, wild boars and roe deer.

Kurshakaja Kosa 7 



The Curonian spit is 98 km long and divided in two equal parts, one of it belongs to Lithuania and another to Russian Federation. The Lithuanian side of the Curonian spit is more tourist friendly, and offers more tourist services and sights, whereas the Russian side of the Curonian spit is more nature friendly, with forest reserves and bird watching stations.

Ornitologi4eskaja stancia

Visota Efa



Sea, bay, unique air, nature and energy of the Curonian Spit, all of these factors in a complex rejuvenate, strengthen sleep and relieve stress, in general, give what we have lacked in modern life, a feeling of fullness of life in harmony with nature.

Kurshakaja Kosa 6




The cost of the excursion to the Curonian Spit on a comfortable bus - 50 EUR for individual tourists. For groups of 3 and more people are discounts-40 euro per person.

The price includes:

a tour to  on a comfortable 9 seater luxury minibus,

environmental fee at the entrance to the national park,

a work of an english/espanol speaking tour guide who leads groupe of visitors to national park Curonian spit, a guide who loves his land and his work

We will be very HAPPY to see you among our clients !!

Start time Excursions to the Curonian Spit 9.00

End time Excursions to the Curonian Spit 15.00

 Call and get registered on the trip by phone +7 9114 837573  

Your call is important to us, please stay on the line! we may show visitors around at the moment :) 


 As it would be a long tour, schedule time for a café or take along some sandwiches.

If you want to buy souvenirs or smoked fish, take care of the cash - in tents the sellers do not always accept cards.

Tour of the Curonian Spit runs on weekdays due to the fact that on weekends you can face a staying long lines. All Kaliningradians having a car, motorcycle, bicycle try to get to this unique piece of nature in order to recuperate after intense working week